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At The Scarlet Apron, we always bake with passion. To express our appreciation of your support, we promise to provide you healthy stuff of life, which will be delivered right before your door..

How to order?
To have your freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, or muffins, PLEASE

~> Call or text 017-2484841 / 013-3643096
~> Email to asliza.yusoff@live.com.my
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Fondant Cupcakes 001

Vanilla Cupcakes + Caramel Buttercream + Fondant Topping


25 pieces (M) = RM150.00

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fondant Cake 001

Marble Cake 1.5 ++ kg

Buttercream, Fondant, Figurine


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthday 001 - Cupcakes (Variety Flavor)

Vanilla/Coklat cupcake + Chocolate Ganache + Fondant Frosting


9 pieces (M) = RM45


Selamat datang ke The Scarlet Apron..mieza sedia menerima tempahan kek, cupcake, atau muffin untuk majlis harijadi, pertunangan, perkahwinan, doorgift, atau sebagainya..blog ini masih lagi under construction..jadi please keep coming back...

Terima kasih sudi singgah!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


1. Buttercream Cupcake Class - RM150 seorang (Max 3 orang)

* Belajar membancuh adunan cupcake vanilla dan chocolate
* Belajar membakar cupcake
* Belajar membancuh dan mewarnakan buttercream
* Belajar mengenali beberapa jenis nozel
* Belajar menghias 12 biji cupcake
* Membawa balik 12 biji cupcake sebagai ingat-ingatan

Peralatan perlu dibawa - Apron dan tuala kecil

2. Fondant Cupcake Class - RM180 seorang (Maximum 3 orang)

* Belajar membancuh dan mebakar cupcake vanilla atau chocolate
* Belajar menyediakan dan mewarnakan fondant
* Belajar menghias 9 cupcake dengan menggunakan fondant
* Membawa balik 12 biji cupcake sebagai ingat-ingatan

Peralatan perlu dibawa - Apron dan tuala kecil

3. Cake Class - Dari RM120 seorang, bergantung kepada jenis kek

(Belajar membancuh adunan dan membakar serta simple decoration)

* Sila hubungi kami di thescarletapron@yahoo.com

4. Cheese Tart Class - RM150 seorang

* Belajar membancuh dan menyediakan shell
* Belajar membancuh adunan cheese
* Belajar mengisi filling tart
* Belajar mendeco 9 biji cheese tart
* Membawa balik cheese tart sebagai ingat-ingatan

Peralatan perlu dibawa - Apron dan tuala kecil



1.Please place order 4 days in advance for small order and 2 weeks in advance for large order.

2.Any cancellation order MUST be made by SMS or phone call and not by EMAIL and at least 4 days before pick up or delivery date.

3.Orders will only be processed once FULL payment is received. Please bank in the total payment to the account.

4.Please made FULL payment 3 days before pick up date.

5.Price may subject to change from time to time.


1. Call or SMS 017-2484841
2. Email to thescarletapron@yahoo.com

3. Print the deposit slip, scan, and email to thescarletapron@yahoo.com

4. Your order will be processed once the payment is received. Free delivery for orders between Slim River to Bukit Beruntung and during weekends or when I'm free only (my location is in Tanjong Malim). Self pick-up from my place is also possible (please call first ^__^)




Buttercream Topping

Butter -RM65.00/1kg ++ (Pure Butter)
Moist Chocolate Cake + Choc Ganache - From RM70.00 / 1 kg ++
Carrot Cake + Cream Cheese Topping - RM75.00/1kg ++
Marble Cheese Brownie- RM65.00/1kg ++
Kek Gula Hangus - RM30.00/1kg ++
Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Topping - RM75/1kg ++
Eggless Moist Choc Cake + Choc Ganache - RM70/ 1kg ++

Additional Cost for :-
1. Edible Image +RM15.00
2. Chocolate Ganache Topping +RM10.00
3. Cream Cheese Topping +RM20.00
4. Fresh fruits (eg. Strawberry, cherry, peach, mango) +RM10
5. Flowers, Figurine and Image from Fondant + From
RM30.00 depends on the design

Wedding Cakes -
1-tier - From RM250 - free 16 pieces cupcakes (M size)
2-tier - From RM340 - free 20 pieces cupcakes (M size)
3-tier - From RM450 - free 20 pieces cupcakes (M size)

Barbie Doll cake (Fondant or Buttercream Topping)
From RM95.00



No topping, no decoration (minimum 50 pieces)
Size S = RM1.20/piece Size M = RM1.80/piece

Door-gift, in dome container, Buttercream frosting (minimum 50 pieces)
Size M = RM2.50/piece

Buttercream Topping
Size S - 25 pieces/box - From RM65.00
Size M - 16 pieces/box - From RM50.00

Buttercream & Edible Image
Size S - 25 pieces/box - From RM80.00
Size M - 16 pieces/box - From RM60.00

Ganache, Fondant Topping
Size S - 25 pieces/box - From RM100.00
Size M - 16 pieces/box - From RM80.00

Engagement & Wedding Deco
Ganache, Fondant & Sugarpaste Flower Topping
Size S - 25 pieces/box - From RM115.00
Size M - 16 pieces/box - From RM95.00


Size S - 25 pieces/box - RM95.00
Size M - 25 pieces/box - RM105.00
Size M - 16 pieces/box - RM68.00